About Us

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Lanasgvape is a sharer who shares the products of LANA & other VAPE Brand product with our friends. The team was founded in 2017, directly cooperating with brand companies, determined to bring high-quality product experience to friends.

Our Service

Our mission is to serve you. Your mission is to use and enjoy our services. I believe that our services can give you peace of mind. Our professional COD Service can make you buy at ease, our product follow market price. Any Enquiry about Vape products are welcome to ask, we are here to serve you 24 hours a day. Thank you for supporting us.

Our Mission

Vape is on a mission to set ourselves ambitious sustainability targets, and we’ve made a progress in addressing public health issue by offering smokers a better alternative to cigarettes.

Vape Story

LANASGVAPE was founded by former smokers. We are inspired to develop a breakthrough product that could one day replace cigarettes. We understand millions of people who smoke cigarettes are looking for less harmful, yet satisfying, alternatives to smoking. Hence, we embark on the journey to give them as well as us that choice. While society expects us to act responsibly. And today, we are doing just that by bringing a smoke-free future by reducing or eliminating their consumption of cigarettes.

Our Commitment

LANASGVAPE was founded with the goal to make an impact on public health by offering smokers better and satisfying alternatives. We strongly believe that smokers should be able to choose less harmful alternatives to cigarettes, hence we aim to create a smoke-free future.

Our Values


Provide a better future to the public health


Share our progress, and invite dialogue and independent verification

Smoke-free future

Develop and market smoke-free alternatives, while switching our adult smokers to these alternatives, as quickly as possible around the world


Transition our resources from cigarettes to smoke-free alternatives.